FAQ's & Contact Us

  1. Are your products suitable for all hair/skin types? Yes, our products are suitable for all hair & skin care types. However, they do work best on textured hair.
  2. Are your products cruelty-free and vegan? Yes, our products are cruelty-free and vegan.
  3. Do your products contain any harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances? No, our products are made without synthetic fragrances, oils & harsh chemicals.
  4. Can your haircare products help with specific concerns such as frizz, dryness, or hair loss? Being that are products are made with plant based ingredients , they are made to target all hair concerns such as dryness, frizz, shrinkage, breakage etc.
  5. How often should I use your skincare products for best results? Depending on what skin type you have, you should aim to use the products once per day - at minimum.
  6. Are your bodycare products safe for sensitive skin? We strongly recommend that if you do have sensitive skin, try the produts first by performing a patch test on your wrist before spreading to the rest of your body. Our Body Healing Butter is another perfect recommendation for sensitive skin.
  7. Can your skin care products help with specific skin concerns such as acne, aging, or hyperpigmentation? Yes, our skin care products have helped many people with a range of skin care issues along with the ones listed above in a matter of 24 hours. 
  8. Are your products safe to use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding? Many pregnant women who are currently breastfeeding have used our products all throughout their pregnancy . However, still consult with your doctor before the use of our products. Z'YELLE Amor Cosmetics will always choose to honor the medical opinon of a liscensed professional before our years of experience. 
  9. What ingredients are used in your products, and are they sourced sustainably?  Our products feature a thoughtfully curated blend of natural and botanical ingredients. Some of the common ingredients you can find in our formulations include plant extracts, essential oils, nourishing butters, herbal infusions, and natural emollients. These ingredients are known for their beneficial properties and have been used for centuries in traditional remedies and beauty rituals.                 In our commitment to sustainability, we strive to source our ingredients ethically and responsibly. We prioritize working with suppliers who share our values and adhere to sustainable practices. This includes sourcing from organic farms, supporting fair-trade initiatives, and prioritizing ingredients that are not tested on animals. We also consider factors such as the environmental impact of ingredient cultivation and production processes.
  10. Do you offer international shipping? Yes , we are currently shipping to select countries. Canada is included.
  11. How long does it take to see results when using your products? Due to the ingredients of our products being plant based , from experience,  30 days of consistency will begin to show results ; with the use of our hair care products. Depending on the skin type, it usually takes about 7-10 days to see a healtheir skin complexion.
  12. Do you have any recommendations for creating a haircare or skincare routine? Stay consistent! Don't give up because you don't see immediate results. We have helped over 300 individuals grow their hair back to a better & healthier estate. Whatever you do, stay disciplined!
  13. Can I use your products on my children's hair or skin? Yes, our clients usually use our products on their children starting from +1 years old and up.
  14. Are your products suitable for men? Yes, men are able to use our products as well. Feel free to reach out for customized product recommendations .
  15. What is your return or exchange policy? We are not accepting any return request or exchanges at this moment under most circumstances.
  16. How do I store and prolong the shelf life of your products? Usually up to 12 months depending on the product. After 12 months, please discard the product.
  17. Do you offer samples or trial sizes of your products? No, we do not at the moment. Please enjoy our full size products. You won't be disappointed.
  18. Can I use your haircare products if I have chemically treated or color-treated hair? Yes, you can.