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Untangle Me Detangler Milk

Untangle Me Detangler Milk

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Untangle Me Detangler Milk is here to make your styling woes a thing of the past. Its lightweight formula works wonders to detangle even the toughest knots, giving your hair the slip it needs to look and feel its best. Made with nourishing Manuka honey and coconut milk, it helps provide lasting softness and shine to your hair. The result is smooth, detangled hair you can manage with ease.

How to use: 

 Section hair into parts. Damp each section with water or out Hair Hydration Spray. Apply desired amount to each section, from root to tip. Comb through with a wide tooth comb thoroughly to coat each strand. Do not rinse out. Style as desired or let air dry. 




DISCLAIMER: Our products are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. No results are promised or guaranteed. No liability is taken by Z'YELLE Amor Cosmetics LLC. or its employees, shareholders, or affiliates for any claims arising out of the misuse or otherwise of any of  Z'YELLE Amor Cosmetics LLC. hair, skin or body care  products. Although great care and research went into creating the content, the said benefits of essential oils are alternative treatments and not meant to be used as a substitute for modern medical intervention

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

This gets out ALL of my knots and tangles! This reminds me so much of the Pink Lotion - but 20x better!! I don’t even need to use water with it. I just apply a decent amount onto the desired section and finger detangle or use a wide tooth comb. It’s smoothes it out like BUTTER!! Grab it if you have issues with frequent knots, tangles or frizz.

Amariyah Israel

MY daughter has thick curly hair and it tangles so easily, using the detangke milk on her hair cut my detangling time in half and it smells good!