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Turmeric & Manuka Honey Skin Care Bundle

Turmeric & Manuka Honey Skin Care Bundle

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When these two powerhouse ingredients come together, the result is a skincare experience like no other. Our Turmeric & Manuka Honey Skin Care Bundle is carefully curated to provide a holistic approach to skincare. Whether you're looking to combat signs of aging, reduce inflammation, or simply pamper yourself with a touch of natural luxury, this bundle has you covered.

What you'll receive:

1x Turmeric & Manuka Honey Facial Wash

1x Turmeric & Manuka Honey Anti-inflammatory Toning Solution

1x Turmeric & Manuka Honey Soothing Facial Creme

1x  Turmeric & Manuka Honey Exfoliating Face Mask

1x Turmeric & Manuka Honey Skin Balancing Active Serum Treatment

Important note!!

Apply a small patch on your inner forearm to test sensitivity to ingredients. Discontinue use if inflammation occurs. If product gets into contact eyes, rinse thoroughly with warm water. 

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Customer Reviews

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Just WOW!! I’ve struggled with inflammation, acne scars and pimples for the last couple of months. It’s been so hard to find somethin affordable and more on the natural side that actually does the job of what it says. My fave products from the line is the facial wash and mask/exfoliator. Now I have a line that I will use because it works when used consistently and made for any skin type.